20 Dodge Chargers Attempted Takeover of I-24 Leads to One Arrest

Carl D. Jackson, 29
Carl D. Jackson, 29

August 28, 2023 – South Precinct officers Saturday charged Carl D. Jackson, 29, with aggravated reckless driving and obstructing a roadway after he and other drivers of approximately 20 Dodge Chargers and similar vehicles were seen attempting a takeover of I-24 east near Bell Road.

The Chargers lined up along the right shoulder of the interstate and then pulled into the travel lanes, weaved in and out of traffic, and nearly caused multiple collisions as they attempted to slow other vehicles.

Jackson was driving a gray Charger amidst the group. Officers activated their emergency equipment and attempted to disperse the Chargers. Jackson finally stopped after continuing on the interstate for three miles.

A number of the vehicles had red stickers on them that spelled out the letters “NGE.” Jackson spontaneously said the letters stood for “Nash Gang Elites.” During a search of his Charger in preparation for towing, officers found a ledger containing various documents related to “NGE,” including monthly dues owed and membership documents.

Source: Metro Police


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