5 Interesting Things to Know About Queen Elizabeth II


Queen Elizabeth II died on Thursday, at the age of 96.

In memory of the Queen, here are five interesting facts you may not know about her.

1She has a favorite breed of dog

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The Queen’s favorite dog was a corgi. In 2022, she had four dogs, two corgi and two dorgi, -a dachshund-corgi mix. Elizabeth’s corgis mated with her sister Princess Margaret’s dachsund Pipkin. In January of this year, she welcomed a new dog named Lissy, reports Goodto.com.

2She didn’t have a driver’s license

Stock photo from Befunky

Natgeokids shared The Queen is the only one in the UK who can drive without a license. She actually drove a car until recent years.

3She celebrated her birthday twice in one year

Queen Elizabeth’s birthday is on April 21st. In addition to celebrating her actual birth day, she also celebrated her birthday in June. It’s a tradition in British Monarch that birthday celebrations are held on a day that is not actually their birthday, shared Reader’s Digest.

4She was the longest reigning monarch in British history

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In 2015, Queen Elizabeth II became the longest-reigning British monarch when she surpassed the reign of her great-great-grandmother Victoria. She is also the first monarch to celebrate the Sapphire Jubilee, which marks 65 years on the throne and most recently celebrated her Platinum Jubilee (70 years since her coronation).

5She hand signs all of her Christmas cards

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Not only dids the Queen send out Christmas cards each year, she hand signed them beginning in the summer. Around 750 cards are sent each year which includes a family photo.

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