6 Steps to Prepare Your Child for Golf Lessons


Because of the school calendar, golf season kicks off for kids in the spring and often runs until the end of summer. While you can play year-round in Tennessee, if your child is participating in school or club lessons and competitions, training will begin soon.

Make sure your child is ready for the upcoming season by talking with them about what to expect and outfitting them for the sport. Children who play golf learn about healthy competition and get the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Golf is also good for hand-eye coordination, concentration and flexibility. And, studies have shown that golf encourages a positive mental attitude as well.

What Your Child Needs to Know Before They Start Golf Lessons

Unlike common childhood sports like soccer, basketball or football, children might not have exposure to golf from talking to a friend who participates in the sport.

Help your child prepare for the upcoming season and ensure they have the equipment and the perspective needed to experience a winning golf season by engaging children in these 6 Tips and Activities:

  • Find a club or coach near you. Some children benefit most from joining a club and having teammates to collaborate with. Others find that one-on-one training helps them grasp the sport quickly. It all depends on how your child learns best.
  • Start talking with your child about what to expect when at the range or golf course. Take them to the local range/course to start showing them around before their first golf lesson. Make it a fun place during the child’s first few visits to the range or course.
  • Watch a golf event or documentary on a sports television channel or on a  streaming service. There are many great events to watch to introduce the sport in an entertaining and easy-to-understand manner.
  • Talk to the child’s coach or trainer about the required clubs or equipment and start introducing the child to the various names and purposes for each club.
  • If it’s a return season for your child, check to see if their equipment needs replaced. Children grow quickly, so while the clubs might have been the right size at the end of last season, the clubs might be too short for them now and won’t offer the optimum comfort or performance based on their growing bodies.
  • Set realistic expectations. As a parent, you’ll likely be excited to share in the sport with your child. But know that growth and skill take lots of time to develop in the sport. Be patient and set realistic goals for the season – and focus on having fun and learning something new!

Equipment Children Need to Start Golf Lessons

Not sure where to get started with outfitting your child for the upcoming season? Play It Again Sports ~ Brentwood & Hendersonville suggest the following essentials and some nice-to-haves for equipping your child.

  • Junior golf clubs
  • Junior golf bag
  • Golf tees
  • Golf balls
  • Golf apparel
  • Golf shoes
  • Golf gloves (look for weatherproof gloves for rainy days)
  • Junior golf cart (optional but recommended if your child will be playing in tournaments to make it easier to transport their bag throughout the golf course)
  • Water bottle

Parents also find it helpful to ensure they have plenty of sunscreen and a small towel to clean off dirty clubs while playing.

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