At Least 245 Homes Affected by Maury County Storm


The Maury County Office of Emergency Management and partnering agencies such as TEMA have been conducting a damage assessment following the May 8 storm.

At least 245 homes have been affected, and the number is expected to grow.

Beginning Monday, the Maury County Highway Department will begin picking up vegetative debris (environmental debris). Maury County OEM has sent out, posted, and published some debris management guidelines that they are urging citizens to become familiar with in order to expedite the collection process.

If you hire a contractor, the contractor is fully responsible for disposing of their debris. Contractors are not permitted to place debris on the right-of-way. However, if you are a resident or volunteer, you are only to place debris on the right-of-way.

The disaster area is being protected by barricades and law enforcement to ensure the safety of Maury County residents, volunteers, and individuals involved in the crucial disaster clean-up. Maury County Office of Emergency Management implemented a pass system where individuals wishing to gain access to the affected areas can check in, but it has since been discontinued. Law Enforcement will continue to have a heavy presence within the area.

Maury County OEM is also urging the public to be mindful of scammers and contractors that are un-licensed; you can follow this link to check their insurance status, or reach out to the Maury County Sheriff’s Office:

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