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Your basement has great potential, but it might need a little work to uncover that potential. Whether it’s used as storage or as an extension of your home above, waterproofing helps keep you, your furniture, and stored items dry and undamaged.

We’ll explore why waterproofing makes sense and it’s a great investment to make your basement a usable space that’s comfortable and mold-free.

Benefits Of Basement Waterproofing

More Room

A great pro to basement waterproofing is the additional living space you gain. The additional space can be turned into a spare bedroom, man cave, laundry room, you name it. Once waterproofed, the space is safe for storing secure documents and goods that might get damaged from water.

Flooding Prevention

If your area is prone to flooding or heavy rain, waterproofing will reduce the risk of serious water damage. Even if moisture lingers, your household items and electronics are safe in the basement and won’t suffer from excessive damage.

Mold Reduction

Moisture has a way of lingering and causing bigger issues, one of them being mold. The more moisture you have sitting the more likely you are to have serious issues. Waterproofing prevents mold from growing within the walls of your basement and helps mitigate mold in your home too.

Increased Home Value

By increasing your livable space through waterproofing, you increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to buyers. It’s a win for the buyers as it’s one less thing for them to do, and a win for you.

What Is Basement Waterproofing?

The fundamentals of basement waterproofing involve plugging holes, filling in cracks, caulking doors, windows, and any areas prone to poor seal, waterproof coating to flooring and walls, and a drainage system and sump pump.

These methods help seal out moisture and prevent moisture from sitting too long in your basement creating a space safe for storage and daily use.

They also provide a barrier against other elements that could damage household goods and furniture including rodents, dust, and outside contaminants.

Return On Investment For Basement Waterproofing

Waterproofing your basement can provide a great return on investment. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or interested in lowering your energy bills, the money you invest in proper waterproofing will go a long way. Expect a return of up to 30% if you plan on staying your home and completely recouping your money if you plan on selling it.

Only you can decide on whether a basement waterproof makes sense. But despite the costs, it’s clear there are a ton of benefits to committing to this project. And what’s to say you won’t enjoy entertaining guests, watching football games, or practicing yoga in your new, waterproof space? Next time you step into your basement, take a moment to envision what you would do with the space and consider a waterproof.

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