Can My Pool Be Built On A Slope?

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Pool construction is not always a simple feat. With hilly and mountainous landscapes in Tennessee, not many backyards are perfectly flat.

If you have dreamed of having an inground pool in your backyard, but you have hesitated because of your backyard’s terrain, fear no more! Together, with a little bit of thoughtful design and careful planning, Peek Pools can make your backyard dreams come true.

Building a Pool on a Slope

Since many yards are rarely completely flat, builders can use different construction techniques to install a pool that is suitable to your backyard such as grading, leveling, terracing, or retaining walls.


If your backyard has a slight slope, it can be fixed with some minor landscaping called grading. Essentially, equipment is used to level the ground in the area to achieve a flat surface. This is a standard practice for nearly every yard for builders to create a blank canvas for your backyard dreams.


If your yard has a moderate slope, builders may use a combination of grading and leveling. Leveling uses additives such as soil or rocks to level your yard, creating a flat surface.


Terracing is a type of landscape design where you create level spaces on a slope. Terracing creates a step-like appearance using a series of walls.

With terracing, multiple-level spaces are made in order to have a place for your pool and can provide space for many other amenities. Terracing is a good option for pools with swim-up bars or if you want to add a waterfall, spa, or other ornamental features.

Retaining Walls

A retaining wall is a structure that is built to hold soil or other materials in place. A retaining wall can be used to create level spaces on a slope, just like terracing. Retaining walls provide crucial support and can be designed to fit the aesthetic you want while adding functionality and safety to your pool’s design.

If you have a severe sloping yard, a retaining wall may be your best option for installing a pool. Retaining walls even make it possible for installing a pool on a hillside, which can create an enchanting look to your space.

Infinity Pool

Infinity pools are a good design option for a sloped backyard as they require a retaining wall to achieve that infinity effect, The infinity pool design actually requires a slight slope.

The illusion of an infinity pool makes it appear as if there is no edge to the pool but the water actually overflows into a holding tank which is completely invisible from the pool.

Infinity pools can create a luxurious ambiance while highlighting the view over your property.

Thinking of Installing a Pool?

If you have been dreaming of your backyard oasis, the award-winning creative and skilled team at Peek Pools can help you determine which technique is most appropriate for your property with regard to safety, functionality and aesthetics.

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