Columbia Officer Honored for Traffic Stop that Netted Drugs, Weapon


Officer Michael Schmidt with the Columbia Police Department has been named Officer of the Month for March 2024 for a traffic stop that netted a felony amount of narcotics,

On March 14th, 2024, FTO Michael Schmidt stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation. On his approach to speak with the driver FTO Schmidt observed the driver grab the barrel of a rifle to move it. FTO Schmidt had the driver exit the vehicle and got consent to search the vehicle.

As a result of searching the vehicle, FTO Schmidt located and seized: 96 grams of marijuana, a rifle containing a fully loaded magazine, several items of paraphernalia and money. FTO Schmidt also received a confession from the driver admitting they intended to sell the marijuana.

Due to FTO Schmidt’s proactive approach to policing and his investigative tactics, a felony amount of narcotics and a drug dealer were removed from the streets of Columbia.

Because of FTO Schmidt’s efforts, he has been named the Columbia Police Department’s Officer of the Month for March 2024.

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