Columbia Police Department Names Officer of the Month for November 2023


Lieutenant Brad Ribley awarded Ofc. Jamiee Brown with Columbia Police Department’s Officer of the Month for November 2023.

On November 10th, 2023, Ofc. Jamiee Brown was dispatched to a (delayed report) in reference to an individual claiming to have been assaulted the prior day. During her initial contact, she interviewed the victim establishing a time frame of the alleged incident, gathered a detailed statement and location of the incident.

Ofc. Brown continued her investigation by reviewing several business surveillance video systems and spoke with witnesses. The investigation led Ofc. Brown to discredit the victim’s claim. During a second interview with the alleged victim Ofc. Brown was able to get a confession from them that they lied about the assault.

Columbia Police said the work Ofc. Brown performed proves that Law Enforcement investigates to charge those that are guilty but also to protect the innocent from being falsely accused.

Because of her efforts, the Columbia Police Department named Ofc. Brown Officer of the Month for November 2023!

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