Decorating with this Year’s Coveted Color: Forest Green


With so many individuals practicing sustainable living habits and businesses across industries pledging to “go green” with fewer carbon emissions and eco-friendly materials, it’s no wonder that the color green is top of mind. In the design world for 2023, expect to see pops of green throughout home decor, flooring and furniture.

1Learning the Shades of Green


Green is the color of life, often associated with nature, health, growth and prosperity. Colors themselves can influence our emotions, so what does green make us feel? Green evokes a sense of peacefulness and feelings of abundance—not a bad mood to set for your home.

Looking to hop on the green trend? Whether you’re looking to use subtle accents of green throughout your decor or make a bold statement with brighter hues of this color, it’s important to understand the basics of the color green. From earthy greens to olive green to kelly green to sage green, shades of green run the gamut.

If your design taste leans more moody and dramatic, opt for jewel-toned shades of green which are highly saturated hues like emerald green, dark green and hunter green. On the other hand, if you’re leaning more into the biophilic trend and want to keep your space open and light, then stick to a vibrant shade of green such as apple green, sage green or mint green.

2Decorating with Green Wall Tiles

Daltile Color Wheel Retro

One of the simplest ways to incorporate this color into your home design is through green tiles. Tiles are versatile in terms where and how they can be installed, giving you unlimited design options. Maybe this looks like adding a deep green subway tile to the bathroom shower or a flowery mosaic in a bright shade as a laundry room backsplash. Whatever your design taste may be, decorating with green wall tiles is an easy way to bring this trending color to life in your next design project.

3Pairing Green with Flooring

Dark Oak Hardwood

Green pairs beautifully with warm neutrals which is why it’s so easy to tie together existing floors with this color. Whether you have dark walnut planks in the dining room or whitewashed white oak throughout the living room, a pop of green can compliment your design. Pairing warm floors like hardwood, natural stone or carpet with bold colors like green can bring this accent color center stage. Some of our favorite combinations of pairing green with floors include:

  • Beige carpet with dark green walls
  • Dark oak hardwood with emerald green fabrics
  • Gray-washed wood-look floors with sage green decor
  • White marble with natural green veins

4Incorporate Green Design

Design by HIBOU DESIGN + CO Photography by MIKE CHAJECKI

When you’re working with a green color scheme, it’s important to capitalize on the natural light in your design, seeing as green itself is the color of life. Open up your space with big bay windows and light window treatments to allow more sun into your space, evoking a sense of warmth and serenity.


Use elements such as house plants, natural materials, patterned wallpaper and textured floors to add visual interest to your room.

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