Did You Know One of the Best Student Trap Shooters in the Nation is in Maury County?

From Maury County Public Schools


Caroline Cashion is well known in the national trap, skeet, and sporting clays circuit. She is currently one of the top athletes in the State and is a seven-time Scholastic All-American, which is a tough position to hold out of 10,000+ athletes nationwide. She was a member of the Zion Christian and Maury County 4H team since 5th grade and transferred to Columbia Central her Freshman year.

Earlier this year, Caroline represented Maury County Public Schools and Columbia Central Trap Shooting Team at the 2022 Ironman. Caroline hit 274 of 300 targets and won second place in the lady’s varsity division.

Caroline is currently second place in the Nation for Skeet Shooting, making her eligible for her third consecutive All-American Team. This is out of the top 250 female skeet shooters in the country. Ms. Cashion has an average of 93.8%, meaning she breaks 93.8% of all her targets. Ms. Cashion normally shoots around 11,000 to 12,000 targets a year. Ms. Cashion is a six-time National Champion since 2015.



When asked what inspired her, Ms. Cashion stated, “I loved hunting when I was younger. The coach came to school and shared about trap shooting, and I decided I wanna do this as it sounds like fun. I wasn’t really into a sport, decided to try trap shooting and fell in love with it.” Ms. Cashion started shooting in fifth grade with her dad. When asked what is so cool about it, she said “It’s a sport where you really get to do it for yourself. It’s very individualized for the most part. I also like that there are a lot of leadership opportunities. It is a small sport that is up and coming so you make connections with your coaches, teammates, other schools and states, and even other countries.”

Mr. Mark Cashion, Caroline’s dad, also the coach for Columbia Central and Whitthorne shared, “The main goals of the shooting sport is for the students to build respect for themselves, respect for each other and character. This is a sport that can be done by those with any abilities, male or female and at any age.”

Coach Marc Higdon also shared, “Schoolwide, a lot of kids don’t fit into basketball, football or baseball and this allows students who don’t feel comfortable in team sports to be able to go out and do this as an individual regardless of age or athletic ability. It teaches leadership and character development and mirrors what we do here at the school.”

Mr. Cashion also shared that Columbia Central has one athlete, Garrison Farmer, that is on a shooting scholarship at UT Southern. This is a great opportunity to earn scholarship money for college.

If you are interested in joining a trap shooting team, Columbia Central, Santa Fe, and Spring Hill all have teams. Watch each school’s social media for upcoming interest meetings. Jan Crutcher is the coach for Santa Fe, John DeCuir is the coach for Spring Hill, and Mark Cashion is the coach for Columbia Central and Witthorne.

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