Electric Scooter Causes Garage Fire at Maury County Home


Maury County Fire Department responded to a lithium battery fire on July 1st at 10:54PM. The fire department was dispatched to an attached garage fire on Tom Osborne Rd.

Responding units arrived and found a garage door partially blown outward and thick black smoke showing from the garage.

It was later determined that the fire stemmed from an electric scooter.



The scooter was removed to the exterior and ventilation was started. The lithium batteries were placed in a tub of water and moved to the middle of the yard due to potential further thermal runaway from other batteries.

MCFD said the homeowner attempted extinguishment with a fire extinguisher and then exited the garage closing all doors to help hold the fire and prevent damage to the interior of the home.

Thankfully, Spring Hill Fire Department, Spring Hill Firefighters Association, and Chief Graig Temple hosted a lithium battery class two weeks ago which better prepared the responders for this incident.

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