Elle Kings Films Latest Music Video in Columbia

photo by Donna Vissman

Elle King is releasing a country album titled Come Get Your Wife in early 2023. This is a sneak peek at a song from the album titled “Try Jesus”. The accompanying music video was filmed in Columbia at Dollar Mart Plus, located at 1202 S James M Campbell Boulevard.

The Dollar Mart shared on social media, “Check out the preview of Elle Kings video that was shot a Dollar Mart Plus!”

In talking about the song, “A lot of you might be thinking, Hmm why is Elle putting out a song called ‘Try Jesus’? That’s a fair question. I grew up with a very religious grandmother. Pentecostal, speaking in tongues. I know a thing or two about the Bible. At least enough to know that I do lots of stuff my sweet Mawmaw is up there cringing in Heaven, I can hear her now ‘No no no no no!’ All she ever wanted for me, for anybody, was to have a little faith. I always say, I’ll try anything twice!”

Watch the full video below.

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