Get in the Halloween Spirit by Decorating Your Pool!

By Peek Pools and Spas


With Halloween right around the corner, it’s time to get decorating! While the inside of your home and your yard may be your first thoughts when decorating, why not try something different and add some spooky embellishments to your pool?

Here are a few ways you can spice up your pool this Halloween:

Dyed Pool Water

Turn your pool into a bloodbath (literally!). Using red, pool-safe dye, you can change the look of your backyard completely, making for a spooky change and a great way to celebrate the holiday. You can also opt for a purple or green dye if you want a look that isn’t quite as extreme. Within a few days, the color will be naturally filtered out and your pool will be back to normal before you know it.

Fog Machine

A fog machine can be a great way to turn your pool into a misty swamp, the perfect place for a creepy monster to hide out. Hide your fog machine out of sight and use it as needed to get the foggy effect. You can also use dry ice to create the effect. Just use extra caution with this method and make sure you don’t swim in the pool while using dry ice. Change the color of your pool lights to upgrade this decoration and make it even spookier.

Skeletons in your Pool

While skeletons are a classic Halloween decoration, make your decor stand out by putting them in your pool! You can dress up the skeletons in bathing suits, put them in inner tubes, and let them float around your pool. You can also put it at the bottom of your pool with a treasure chest holding it down. To go with the slightly spookier option, position the skeletons around the pool and make it look like they are trying to climb out and escape.

Floating Pumpkins

Stock up on pumpkins and carve out some fun designs. You can put a candle or glow stick in the pumpkin and place them in your pool where they’ll float around. Having a dyed pool or colored lighting can upgrade this look.

Floating Hands

Take some latex gloves and stick glow sticks in each finger. Blow them up just enough to take the shape of a hand and tie them off. Place them in the pool and the nighttime effect will make all your neighbors wish they had a pool to decorate.

Don’t have a pool yet or want to upgrade yours so that you’re ready to set up those decorations next year? Give the experts at Peek Pools a call to get started on your own spooky oasis. Call 615-450-1246 to schedule your appointment today!

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