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As a business owner, you likely excel at running your company. But are you prepared to assess how your business runs? When your company’s day-to-day success rests on your shoulders, it can be difficult to prioritize an in-depth analysis of processes and functions. You might not be aware of the full value of your company or even areas where your business could grow to maximize value. 

Get the most from your business and, eventually, for your business with a business consultant and strategist emphasizing long-term financial planning and guidance. Gestalt Business Solutions helps business owners identify, maximize, and protect the value of their businesses. 

It’s All in the Name: Gestalt 

When contemplating the name for the services they provide, the owners of Gestalt Business Solutions settled on Gestalt because it perfectly summarizes their belief system about business valuation. Gestalt is a school of psychology that means “an organized whole is perceived as more than the sum of its parts.” In business, the value of your company is understood as a singular organism instead of being assessed by its individual components. While it’s essential for those individual components to function properly within your business, ultimately, your company will be evaluated as a whole entity. 

Identify, Protect, and Maximize Your Business Value

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Gestalt Business Solutions takes a comprehensive look at how your business functions to help determine the range of value, the connection between business value and gaps in your personal financial situation, and areas in the business that can positively or negatively affect business value. They will guide you on impacting those identified areas to achieve best-in-class business status. The team offers a detailed analysis package to enhance profitability and overall business performance. Ultimately, Gestalt Business Solutions helps you identify, protect, and maximize your value over time in preparation for an eventual successful exit from your business.

Many business owners wait until they are ready to exit their company before engaging in detailed assessments. Gestalt emphasizes long-term planning, ideally starting 2-4 years before the intended exit, to ensure owners achieve their financial goals. With strategic planning and fractional CFO and COO services, Gestalt provides expert guidance in aligning business practices with industry standards and the owner’s vision. The team begins with a Business Value Assessment to determine your current business function and then offers Leadership Support, Forward-Looking Insights and Advisory, and Buyer and Seller Transaction Support Services to optimize how you run your business and what you receive in your eventual exit. 

Gestalt Business Solutions is dedicated to helping owners get the most value from their businesses by running them efficiently and effectively. After all, you receive the best result in an exit transaction when you run a best-in-class business! 

Meet the Team!

Gestalt Business Solutions is a team of three with extensive experience in the highest levels of business. 

Steve Meek: Founder of Gestalt Business Solutions and partner with My CFO, LLC. Steve has over 40 years of experience functioning as a financial leader and operations manager for multi-million-dollar companies. He has worked with over 50 companies in a variety of industries and sizes, including as acting CFO for several companies since founding My CFO, LLC, in 2013. He is also a certified Exit Planning Advisor through the Exit Planning Institute. 

Daniel Meek: Daniel is a business consultant, integrator, and value advisor at Gestalt Business Solutions and My CFO, LLC. He has over 20 years of progressive business experience in diverse roles and functions. Daniel excels at strategic planning, business operations, and value enhancement with Gestalt Business Solutions. He has also completed the EOS Integrator Masterclass Training and is a Certified EOS Integrator and Certified Exit Planning Advisor through the Exit Planning Institute. 

Hope Howell Jenne’: Hope is a Certified Public Accountant with more than 12 years of experience in the financial industry. She has most recently spent her time as the accounting advisor for a publicly traded company. Before that, she served as a controller and finance director for a multi-million-dollar healthcare company, where she managed the company’s financing structure, coordinated a multifaceted finance team, and facilitated steering of the company’s financial operations. 

With their extensive experience in business operations, accounting, and finance experience across a range of business types and industries, Gestalt is led by a team that focuses on looking forward to where you are going with strategic planning to ensure you are well-prepared to achieve best-in-class business results. Gestalt integrates proven methodologies from business thought leaders to create and execute seamless strategies for bridging profit gaps so owners get the most from, and eventually for, their business. 

Run Your Business Well and Exit with Success: Begin Strategic Valuation Planning with Gestalt Business Solutions

Gestalt Business Solutions assists business owners in identifying, protecting, and maximizing the value of their businesses. They offer Business Value Assessments, Leadership Support, Insights & Advisory, and Transaction Support services. Their approach includes G360 Business Reviews at various levels of detail, fractional COO and CFO services, and customized financial insights packages. They emphasize creating best-in-class businesses to attract better talent, customers, and vendor relationships, ultimately enhancing strategic value and transaction multiples. 

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