HCA Healthcare, TriStar Health Donate $50K to Maury County Tornado Relief Efforts


Tuesday, HCA Healthcare and TriStar Health announced the donation of $50,000 to support relief efforts for communities in Maury County impacted by a devastating EF3 tornado on May 8th.

“As part of HCA Healthcare, we are committed to creating healthier tomorrows for the communities we serve,” said Mitch Edgeworth, president of the HCA Healthcare TriStar Division. “We are grateful for the opportunity to show our support to those that have been impacted by this storm and are proud to be a provider of healthcare services in this community.”

The $50,000 donation will go to the Maury County Storm Victims Fund which is currently helping support community members who were directly impacted by the storm. Hundreds of homes were damaged and many were destroyed by the powerful winds that swept through the Spring Hill and Columbia communities.

“Our County appreciates this generous donation of $50,000 from the TriStar Division of HCA Healthcare so very much at this difficult time. The money will go directly into the Maury County Storm Victims Fund and will only be used locally,” said Maury County Mayor Sheila Butt. “The fact is that after a disaster such as we experienced on May 8th with the tornado, it takes a strong, resilient community to rebuild houses, lives and homes. This donation will go a long way in helping those with the most immediate needs and those who may have hurdles to cross in rehoming. Thank you, HCA Healthcare and TriStar Health for helping support our community in this way.”

HCA Healthcare affiliates TriStar Spring Hill ER and Pinewood Springs Mental Health and Wellness are both located in Maury County. Hundreds of HCA Healthcare employees also live in the county.

“The residents of Maury County, who were significantly affected by the tornado on May 8th, will be relieved to know that additional funds and support are available as they begin to rebuild their lives,” said 8th District County Commissioner Ray Jeter. “As the County Commissioner for this area, I extend my heartfelt appreciation for this generous contribution. Thank you!”

“On behalf of all citizens of Maury County, I want to express my gratitude to HCA Healthcare for their generous donation to the storm victims of the May 8, 2024 tornado,” said 6th District County Commissioner Kathy Grodi. “Donations from the private sector ease the burden for all to rebuild and thrive. I extend my heartfelt thanks.”

“On the evening of May 8th, I saw firsthand the devastation that our community and those in my district suffered. Neighbors, friends and family were all impacted tremendously by this life changing event,” said 5th District County Commissioner Brandon Nutt. “It’s been a blessing to witness so many people reach out and assist those in need. I know that HCA Healthcare and TriStar Health’s offering will directly help those who, at this difficult time, need it the most!”

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