How to Build a Festival Line-Up that Attracts Concertgoers


Spring, summer and fall are festival seasons. And amazingly, Tennessee alone is home to 900 festivals each year. To make your event stand out and attract concertgoers, you’ll need to plan your event carefully. And ideally, you’ll plan it alongside experts, like RAM Entertainment, that know the complexities of festival planning.

Balancing budgets with ensuring your entertainment quality justifies the ticket price so that participants return next year will ensure long-term success. But it’s also a fine line, which is where the experts come in.

As you begin planning, here are some tips and insights that will help you build an outstanding festival lineup.

1. Start with Headliners

Once you’ve solidified your festival dates and venue, you want to find the headline acts. The more popular the performer, the more challenges you might face with date conflicts or the talent being booked up.  If you’ve got your heart set on certain performers, you probably need to reverse the process – starting with dates available, and then find a venue that can accommodate.

As you seek ideal performers, look to local and regional acts that are names people will recognize. And if your concertgoers recognize the performers’ names, they’ll also be more likely to be enthusiastic about the performance and feel the ticket price is worth it.

2. Add in Affordable Local Artists

Once you have a headliner that is likely to draw in concertgoers, you can add in affordable local artists to stay on budget. Generally, this strategy works because ticket buyers choose to attend thanks to the headliner and view that as the main attraction and cause for the fee. The other performers are extra entertainment that rounds out the experience.

3. Consider Music Style

Some music genres are more appealing to a broad audience than others. As you select your talent, consider how popular the genre they perform is. You want it to appeal to the widest possible audience.

If this is a first-time event, you might be unsure exactly who your festival will appeal to most. In that case, you want performers skilled in many genres that can easily adjust based on audience enthusiasm and participation in various songs and styles.

Where to Find Bands and Celebrity Talent

One of the hardest parts about planning a festival is knowing where to find high-quality bands and celebrity talent. And then once you find them, you have to figure out how to reach them.

RAM Entertainment works directly with many leading bands and celebrity headline talent for festivals. Regardless of the festival type or the goals you have for the event, RAM’s team can help you work through unique planning challenges by presenting creative solutions.

And you can involve the team in as much or as little of the planning as you want. The team can simply help with securing the talent or can help you with ensuring all production pieces are in place for a great show. You’re in full control of both your budget and planning details. RAM Entertainment augments your team and offers expertise you might not have on your team yet regardless of whether the festival is a first-time event or returning decade after decade.

Learn more about RAM Entertainment’s Fairs and Festivals services and browse bands and celebrity talent to get started. Call 1-800-935-3555 to get in touch with an event producer to learn more.

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