Inground Pools vs. Above-Ground Pools

Inground Pools vs. Above-Ground Pools

You have decided to pull the trigger and add a pool to your yard. But now you have to decide…inground or above-ground? There are certainly some distinct advantages and disadvantages. Which kind of pool is the right choice for you?

Cost Difference

One of the factors in choosing what kind of pool to install is your budget. It’s true, above-ground pools are cheaper in the beginning than the initial investment of inground pools. But they may not be as cheap as you think. The add-ons and accessories may not be included in the proposed cost. So when you add things like stairs, decking or fencing, it may add up to be closer in cost to an inground pool than you initially expected.


When it comes to aesthetics, there is no comparison. The best compliment an above-ground pool, surrounded by a beautiful deck and all the trimmings, can receive is, “Wow, it looks like an inground pool!” What does that tell you? Inground pools enhance the beauty of your property and offer so much variety, the options are almost endless.


With above-ground pools, you do have some options. You can choose oval, round or maybe even rectangular. While there is some option to depth, the depth will be uniform across the entire pool and some accessories such as diving boards and slides aren’t possible because of the inherent shallowness.

The options for inground pools are limited only by your imagination and budget. From varieties in color and materials (fiberglass, concrete and more) to features like built-in spas, swim up bars, tanning ledges, waterfalls and fire features, not to mention the shape, size and depth, you really can’t beat the choices available.


If you’re debating between an above-ground or inground pool, the budget is a factor. And that’s fine. But keep the longevity in mind when you’re considering that budget. Are you looking for something temporary that will have to be replaced every few years? Or are you wanting something that will add beauty and enjoyment to your family’s home for decades? Depending on your answer, the upfront cost of an inground pool may be the better choice over the lifetime of having a private pool.

Plan Ahead

If you’re leaning towards an inground pool, contact the award-winning team at Peek Pools and call 615-866-8800 to schedule your consultation this fall. By planning ahead, you can work with the design team and have permits pulled so construction can begin. When the warm summer heat returns, your beautiful inground pool will be in place and ready for you and your family and friends to enjoy.

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