Man Charged in 11-Month-Old Daughter’s Apparent Fentanyl Overdose in Nashville

Aras Babiry, 27
Aras Babiry, 27

An overnight investigation into an 11-month old’s apparent fentanyl overdose led to the arrest of the girl’s father, Aras Babiry, 27, who is charged with aggravated child endangerment and drug/paraphernalia possession.

Babiry reported that his daughter had pulled a piece of paper from a bathroom garbage can and placed it in her mouth. She had white residue on her lips and was having difficulty breathing.

Detectives responded to Centennial Medical Center’s children’s hospital where Babiry initially denied responsibility for the fentanyl. He later admitted that he had purchased illegal narcotics Thursday morning and discarded the remainder in the bathroom garbage can. During a search of Babiry’s residence, officers located a straw on a living room table and a lottery ticket with a white powdery substance still on it.

The child tested positive for cocaine and fentanyl. Thankfully, she is expected to make a full recovery. The Department of Children’s Services was notified. Services were provided to the child’s mother who was not present at the time that her daughter ingested the fentanyl.

This investigation is being led by Youth Services detectives with assistance from Neighborhood Safety Unit detectives. The Neighborhood Safety Unit works to identify those persons who sell dangerous fentanyl to fatal overdose victims, and then collaborates with the District Attorney’s Office to bring prosecutions whenever possible.

For those seeking treatment for drug addiction, the Community Overdose Response Team (CORT) can help. CORT is a free and confidential resource to help find drug and alcohol treatment for individuals who are at risk of an overdose. The service is offered free of charge regardless of health insurance status. The team works with an individual to determine the appropriate level of care (e.g., detox, residential, or outpatient treatment, etc.). To make a referral or learn more about this resource for our community, call CORT at 615-687-1701.

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