Maury Regional Health Update on COVID-19 Hospitalizations: Sept 17

covid 19 update maury regional health

Maury Regional Health, on September 17th, reports that Maury Regional hospitals are caring for 107 COVID patients, with 28 of those in an ICU bed.

In Tennessee, there were 3,538 individuals hospitalized as of Sept 16, with 1,039 of those patients being treated in an ICU.

On September 13, Maury Regional Health reported 106 patients with COVID hospitalized and 30 of those in the ICU.

“We continue to be grateful for our health care team and their dedication to serving our community. Vaccination, which can protect against severe illness and hospitalization related to COVID, is widely available through local health departments, retail pharmacies and Maury Regional Health. Learn more at,” writes Maury Regional Health on Facebook.


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