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We are officially in the middle of the holiday season, and winter is right around the corner. The main priority when decorating and designing your home right now is making sure everything is put together for family members coming into town and giving off a cozy atmosphere that makes the perfect spot to curl up with your loved ones and keep warm from the cold outside. McCall’s Carpet One has design tips for preparing your home for the holidays.

10 Timeless Floors

The flooring that you choose for your home is essential. The flooring is the base of the home and can make or break the overall appearance of the home. It can also be expensive and time-consuming to replace, so it’s important to choose something that is timeless and won’t detract from the rest of the home. Whether you decide on carpet, hardwood, or something else for your home, there are some materials that will never go out of style.

  • Timeless Hardwood Floors
    • Rich Character
    • Honey Tones
    • Wide-Planks
  • Timeless Vinyl Plank Flooring
    • Light and Airy
    • Neutral Tones
  • Rustic Vintage Timeless Flooring
    • Oak Flooring
  • Timeless Carpet Flooring
    • Keep It Neutral
    • Mid-Toned Textured Carpet
  • Timeless Tile Flooring
    • Wood-Lock TIle
    • Marble Tile
  • What Flooring is Most Timeless?
  • What Flooring Color is Timeless?

Styles We Love: Return to Noir

Using black coloring throughout your home can give it a modern, unique edge. While black is a more neutral color, using it sparingly throughout your home can create an eye-catching, stark contrast that makes your home stand out. You can choose something like a black accent wall or black trimming to give your home extra dimension that allows you to tie the rest of the room together with black decor, allowing it to flow together.

Decorating with Matte Black Decor

    • Black Cabinetry
    • Black Trimming
    • Gothic Architecture
  • Black Noir Flooring
    • Black Hardwood
    • Tile
    • Black Carpet

5 Tips for Creating Cozy, Ambient Lighting in Your Living Room

Winter is the perfect time to give your home a cozy appeal. Bright, fluorescent lighting can be unappealing and has a very corporate feel. When you are inside your home for a large portion of your time over the cold winters, you want your home to be a warm, inviting place where you feel at ease. Making sure you have the proper lighting is one of the first things to consider in order to get this overall feeling in your home.

  • Understanding the Different Types of Interior Lighting
    • Task Lighting
    • Accent Lighting
    • Ambient Lighting
  • Soften with Warm-Colored Lights
  • Light Up Your Focal Points
  • Use Natural Lighting to Your Advantage
  • Find Your Balance

Thrifting the Perfect Vintage Holiday Look

Not only is thrifting pieces good for the environment, but you can also find some iconic pieces that you wouldn’t be able to buy new anywhere, and it will save you money. Think about the pieces that your grandmother has had up in her attic for years. Many pieces like this you can find for cheap if you know where to look. Check out some of your local vintage shops and secondhand stores for some holiday decor, and let McCall’s Carpet One give you some tips on how to style it in your home to achieve the perfect holiday look.

  • How do you style a vintage look?
  • Got brass in pocket?
  • Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree
  • Viva La Vintage: Vases and Candle Stands
  • Silver and Gold
  • Restoring Solid Wood Flooring

McCall’s Carpet One

Are you ready to get inspired with interior design tips, photos, and advice? Check out McCall’s Carpet One’s Beautiful Design Made Simple™ blog or check out their flooring guide to find out more about each type of flooring available.

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