Murfreesboro Police Looking for Two Felony Lane Gang Suspects

felony lane gang suspects

Detectives need help identifying two women believed to be part of a Felony Lane Gang.

On July 12, a female deposited a stolen check for $4,600 into an account at Redstone Financial Credit Union on Fortress Blvd. The account belongs to a woman whose car was broken into, and her purse was stolen at a Greenway Trailhead in Nashville in June. The Nashville’s woman’s debit card was used to withdraw $2,300. The stolen check was taken from a separate car break-in in Lebanon back in July.

The two females are believed to have committed similar fraudulent transactions in Huntsville, Alabama, and Lebanon.


The Felony Lane Gang is a group of people known to break into cars, stealing ID’s, debit/credit cards, and checks often from parks, Trailheads, and gyms. The group normally uses the outside lanes at banks to make fraudulent transactions, often draining victims bank accounts.

If you can identify these women, please contact Detective Jessica Rice at 629-201-5550 or email [email protected].

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