New Music this Week- July 3, 2023

photo by John Shearer

If you are looking for new music, we have created a list of established artists you might know and new artists you may want to explore.

1Dennis Quaid

photo by Laura Savoie Quaid

Dennis Quaid’s cover of “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” from his forthcoming debut gospel album, Fallen: A Gospel Record for Sinners, is out now. Fallen is slated for release on July 28 via Gaither Music Group.

Take a listen here. 

2McBride & The Ride

photo from McBride & the Ride

“‘That’s How You Know’ was a labor of love in the studio,” McBride shares of their sessions at the iconic Nashville recording studio, The Sound Emporium,  which gave birth to the rockin’, broken down, driving intro of the song. “We had no doubt that the song had something special. Once we established the intro we were off and running and never looked back.”

Take a listen here. 

3Mason Ramsey

photo from Mason Ramsey

16-year-old Country phenom, Mason Ramsey returns with “Reasons To Come Home,” out today via Atlantic Records. The song – which is the singer’s first new release since 2019.

Take a listen here. 

4Billy Currington

photo by Rob Persaud

Billy Currington is sharing his slow-rolling ode to small towns and country living, “City Don’t,” out now. Written by Scooter Carusoe, Joshua Miller and Chris LaCorte, the song is produced by Carson Chamberlain. Evoking the breezy summer feeling of his biggest chart-topping hits.

Take a listen here. 

5Vince Gill and Paul Franklin

photo by John Shearer

The internationally recognizable song “Danny Boy,” is the second track to be released from the upcoming album Sweet Memories: The Music of Ray Price & The Cherokee Cowboys, the latest project from country music icon Vince Gill and legendary musician Paul Franklin, due out August 4.

Take a listen here. 

6Jet Jurgensmeyer

photo by Mario Barberio

Rising actor and talented musician Jet Jurgensmeyer is excited to announce the release of his latest single, “Falling Too.”

he song’s narrative revolves around a young person’s poignant experience with first love. Jurgensmeyer acknowledges the remarkable power of music and songwriting to create stories that can be interpreted in diverse ways by different listeners. While he personally connects with the story, he believes that it will evoke unique emotions and perspectives for each listener.

Take a listen here. 

7Chapel Hart

photo from YouTube

Trio CHAPEL HART – comprised of sisters Danica and Devynn Hart and first cousin Trea Swindle – are hoping to make the late country music icon Loretta Lynn proud of the video for the song she requested they write before she passed, “Welcome To Fist City.”

Take a listen here. 

8Russell Dickerson

Russell Dickerson is back with another project celebrating a unique sound all his own. Titled “Three Months Two Streets Down,” Dickerson today releases a summer-focused EP.

Take a listen here. 


photo from Southall

Formerly known as Read Southall Band, the group has spent the last few years building a rabid grassroots following on the road, and paying dues. They released “Scared Money” in talking about the song the band shared,“a fun rock and roll tune about risks, rewards, and the role that money plays in our decision-making,.”

Take a listen here. 

10West Texas Exiles

photo from West Texas Exiles

Southwestern Americana/Rock band West Texas Exiles are releasing their latest single “Bad Luck” that is out now.

The band says, “This track highlights our affinity for film and the visual arts. We wanted to paint apicture through the lyrics and production techniques to draw the listener in. “Bad Luck” isn’t a passive listening experience. Grab a pair of headphones and be prepared to go on a journey.” See them in person at 3rd and Lindsley on September 20th.

Take a listen here. 


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