Outdoor Lighting for Your Pool and Beyond


By Peek Pools and Spas

Lighting options have come a long way from runway strips along paths and blinding flood lights. As lighting has advanced, so has knowledge of how to position and use lights to not only keep you and your family safe, but to also enhance the great outdoors.

Enjoy your backyard and pool all year long with these great lighting tips and tricks, brought to you by Peek Pools.

Lighting the Pool

In-pool lighting is a must-have for night swimming. During the off season, pool lighting can create beauty, serenity and set the mood for your evening outside. Use subtle lighting inside and outside around the pool for soft effects. If your pool is already installed, you might find it easier to add surface mounted underwater lights. If you are still in the planning stage, consider adding flush mounted underwater lights to your design for a seamless look. Either way, you have a couple of options in lighting. You can use halogen lights, which are cheaper but use more energy than their counterpart LED lights. While LEDs are more expensive initially, they are less expensive to power. Plus, you can adjust the color to suit the occasion or season.

Lighting the Features

If you’ve opted to add beautiful aesthetic features such as spas, waterfalls, or feature walls, show them off! Lighting your features, including trees, can bring dramatic visuals into the twilight, overnight and early dawn hours. Use uplighting to add a sculpture-like quality. If you want a more romantic feel, opt for downlighting. Also called “moonlighting,” this effect is best achieved on trees you can run wires down the backside of to minimize cord visibility.

Lighting the Outdoor Living Space

Whether you have a patio or seating in a grassy clearing, lighting will only add to the charming and inviting nature of your outdoor space. The lighting doesn’t need to be very bright. In fact, overly bright or evenly spaced lights can produce an “airport” look. Instead, opt for effectiveness. Just as a candle in the day isn’t nearly as bright as a candle at night, a little lighting goes a long way in the dark. It’s a matter of placing the lights in the right places and angles to achieve safety and beauty in your yard.

Call in the Pros

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