Packing for a Boat Day: What You Need to Bring


Getting all of your supplies together to prepare for a boat day can be fun. It is exciting getting everything you need together, knowing you will be out on the water soon!

It is extremely important to remember certain items so that you can enjoy your day safely and responsibly.

Take a look at Nautical Boat Club’s recommendations for packing for a boat day!

Sun Protection

The summer sun can be brutal, especially when the sun’s rays are reflecting off of the water. SPF is your friend. Make sure to apply sunscreen before getting out into the sun, and bring extra for reapplication after every two hours, especially if you are swimming.

Wear large brimmed hats and bring extra shirts to protect from UV rays! A lightweight long sleeve top is perfect to put on after being in the sun a bit.

Also, be sure to check your lip balm contains SPF to prevent your lips getting burned.

Food & Snacks

A day on the water cannot start without packing boat snacks. The sun can take a ton of energy out of you so be sure to pack energy filled snacks like granola bars and trail mix to munch on. Some other boat favorites include pre-made sandwiches, crackers and dip, veggies, and fruit.

We recommended staying away from dairy based snacks, like yogurt, as it can spoil. Also avoid candy as it can become a sticky mess on the boat!


Be sure to pack the cooler with plenty of ice, water, and sports drinks for everyone to stay safe, cool, and hydrated! Avoid soda and alcohol as they can dehydrate you and call for drinking more water. If you choose to pack alcohol for your boat day, drink lightly and responsibly, and never drink and drive a boat.


No boat day is complete without awesome music to jam to! Make a playlist a few days before and get your party’s song requests so that everyone can sing along and have a good time.

If your boat does not have a sound system, pack a waterproof speaker and don’t forget to charge it up the night before!

Safety Equipment

Most importantly, having safety equipment ready for your boat day is essential, starting with life jackets for each person that fit properly. Of course, if you’re a member of Nautical Boat Club, all the safety equipment is provided by the club for every outing.

Nautical Boat Club

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