Savory Pies for Holiday Gatherings


During the holidays, sweets tend to get far more attention than savory items. But if you’re planning a holiday gathering, these savory pies will delight guests and eliminate the time and effort required to put a delicious meal on the table.

Whether you’re planning a brunch or dinner party, Papa C’s Pies has pies that can serve as your main course for the easiest, most delicious holiday party you’ve ever thrown.

Chicken Pot Pie

This flaky, rich main course features all-white chicken alongside many delicious veggies. Carrots, green beans, lima beans and corn accompany the chicken while rosemary, thyme, and the perfect sprinkling of salt and pepper bring your taste buds to life.

Savor the flaky crust as you enjoy this simple, yet delicious meal. A 9-inch pie serves 4-6. And if you want an easy dinner to serve the next night, grab a 6-inch pie, which serves 1-2 people.

You can purchase the pie frozen from Papa C’s Pies in Brentwood or visit one of our many vendors throughout the Nashville area. Then just pop it in the oven at 400 degrees for 30-35 minutes before your party. It will look just like you cooked this delicious meal.

Shepherd’s Pie

The shepherd’s pie features 90 percent lean fresh ground beef alongside delicious veggies, including carrots, green beans, lima beans, corn and peas, all tossed together in a delicious gravy.

Then we top the pie off with garlic and parmesan mashed potatoes. And just like the chicken pot pie, you can take home a frozen 9-inch pie that serves 4-6 and bake it for about 30 minutes to make it look like you’ve just cooked the most delicious savory meal for your holiday party.

While we can’t ship this item, you’ll find it at our Nashville location. Just be sure to arrive early because it sells out fast.


While quiche is a traditional breakfast or brunch item, it isn’t only for brunch. Serve one of our savory quiches alongside other holiday menu items for a simple, delicious option. Choose from three flavors, all ready to make your home smell cozy and comfortable.

The pepper and sausage quiche features fresh ground sausage alongside flavorful red roasted peppers. Freshly grated parmesan and 3-year-aged Cabot sharp cheddar add rich flavors. Of course, there are also eggs and that signature light and flaky crust you love from Papa C’s Pies.

The spinach and bacon quiche uses fresh baby spinach and thick-cut bacon fried in-house. Then we add in freshly grated parmesan and 3-year-aged Cabot sharp cheddar cheese for that cheesy quiche flavor everyone loves. As always, it includes quality eggs and the light and flaky crust that has made Papa C’s Pies so popular.

Want to offer a vegetarian entrée? The vegetable quiche has no meat, but it’s teeming with veggies and of course that freshly grated parmesan and 3-year-aged Cabot sharp cheddar cheese. You’ll enjoy fresh baby spinach, with a medley of red, yellow and orange bell peppers along with sauteed mushrooms. And it is all wrapped in a delicious light and flaky crust.

Cinnamon Rolls

While cinnamon rolls aren’t necessarily a savory dish, they do complement the quiche well for brunch holiday parties. And the cinnamon rolls from Papa C’s Pies do not disappoint.

That’s because our rolls are a true labor love that requires 5 patient hours in the kitchen to ensure the yeast has ample time to rise. We hand-make each cinnamon roll from scratch and you’ll taste it.

These buttery, sweet delights have just the right amount of cinnamon rolled into every bite. And then of course there’s that gooey cream cheese icing that brings it all together. You can purchase our cinnamon rolls as a single or as a pan of four. We mail them all over the country to make holiday parties enjoyable for everyone – including the host! You don’t have to spend hours cooking and baking to throw a great holiday party.

Premade Baked Goods and Savory Pies in Nashville

Papa C’s Pies is an award-winning shop using high-quality ingredients and combinations your taste buds will absolutely love. Locals can pick up our baked treats or you can ship them anywhere in the US to show your loved ones how much you care.

We have everything from a traditional apple pie to the award-winning (and often sold out) Ghirardelli chocolate pie that received the popular vote for the best chocolate pie from Nashville Lifestyle Magazine.

Stop in at our bakery at 99 Seaboard Lane, Suite 100, Brentwood, Tennessee 37027. Or review our website for other locations where you can pick up our fresh pies throughout the greater Nashville area.

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