Tanya Tucker Debuts in Her First Christmas Movie

photo courtesy of Paramount

It’s a first for Tanya Tucker this holiday season as she will appear in a Christmas movie set to air on Paramount on Monday, December 12th at 8 pm.

“It’s amazing that after 50 years in this business, I get to see my dreams become reality! And being part of A Nashville Country Christmas is definitely one of them. I’ve always wanted to do more acting, and it was a gift from the good Lord when this role came along. I can’t wait for everyone to enjoy the movie this season,” shared Tanya Tucker.

The movie titled A Nashville Country Christmas is a story about an overwhelmed country artist and a totally tricked-out, off-base holiday spectacular. The country music superstar bolts from her outrageous lifestyle, seeking a haven at her grandma’s Tennessee farm. Rather than refuge, she finds romance when she reconnects with her handsome ex, a return to her musical roots, and an unexpected family when she discovers three clever kids who’ve outsmarted the foster care system are living at the family homestead at Christmas.

Tucker’s co-stars are Keith Carradine, Ana Ortiz, and Olivia Sanabia. Take a look at the trailer below.

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