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Jason Aldean released the song “Try That in a Small Town” in May but the video was just released on Friday, July 14th. Aldean’s latest video has received a lot of attention and some are calling it controversial. Read more here.u00a0

The song reached number one iTunes chart on Wednesday, despite the decision for CMT to pull the video from rotation. The views on YouTube for the video have increased from over 1 million views to now almost 5 million views this week.

Sheryl Crow shared,”@Jason_Aldean I’m from a small town. Even people in small towns are sick of violence. There’s nothing small-town or American about promoting violence. You should know that better than anyone having survived a mass shooting. This is not American or small-town-like. It’s just lame.”


Jason Isbell shared,” Dare Aldean to write his next single himself. That’s what we try in my small town.”


Travis Tritt shared, “For the record, I love the new @Jason_Aldean single, “Try That In A Small Town”. IMO, this song isn’t promoting violence as some have suggested. It is simply expressing a point of view that many American people share which is against the obvious violence that we have seen from the likes of so many “activists groups” in this country in recent years and the belief shared by millions that this behavior would not be tolerated by many people in many places across the USA. God bless America and all the people in it.”