Two Nashville 7th Graders Apprehended After Stealing Teacher’s SUV


June 12, 2024 – Two 12-year-old students from Two Rivers Middle School,who stole a teacher’s SUV just before 3 p.m. Tuesday, were apprehended by Tennessee Highway Patrol troopers off I-40 exit 152 at Bucksnort.

The two seventh graders saw that the teacher had left the key to her 2024 Honda CRV on her desk and took it.

They were seen driving out of the parking lot at 2:50 p.m. Parents of one of the young men were able to track their son’s iPad on I-40 west until the Tennessee Highway Patrol found them just off the exit and took them into custody.

They will be facing charges in Davidson County Juvenile Court.


Source: MNPD

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