VIDEO: I-65 Buckner Road Interchange in Spring Hill to Open Soon


The new I-65 Buckner Road Interchange in Spring Hill has been in the works since 2020 and it’s almost time to celebrate its completion.

Watch drone video of the project above from Nashville Drone Co.

City of Spring Hill leaders and other leaders around the state will officially celebrate the grand opening of the new June Lake Interchange at the end of this month. The tentative date to have the road open is May 31, according to TDOT Regional Communications Officer Rebekah Hammond.

The major feature of this design is the “Diverging Diamond Interchange” — the second such interchange in the State of Tennessee. The design is meant to help ease the flow of traffic to and from I-65.

Prior to this project, there was only one I-65 access point to the city of Spring Hill, and that was through the Saturn Parkway Exit. The interchange at Buckner Road will give the City a second access point and should help the flow of traffic to new developments in the area.

The I-65 Interchange will provide direct access to the June Lake Development, which is situated along Buckner Lane. June Lake is a mixed-use development that will be home to 3.9 million square feet of commercial office space, 1.3 million square feet of retail and restaurant space, 2,900 homes, and 400 hotel rooms.

The Interchange at Buckner Road has been in the works since 2020 when a Request for Qualification was submitted. In 2021, the contract was awarded to Bell Construction.



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  1. I guess the interchange is good cuz it’s going to relieve a lot of traffic, however if all these dorky boring Corporate drones and Californians would stop moving here, we wouldn’t have this problem if you’re not here for Country Music please go away LOL… Stop destroying the land and the animals that try to inhabit the land…we don’t need a bunch of more shopping centers and stuff like that, it’s getting out of hand, quit ruining our Music City outskirts. Cheers

  2. Has TDOT actually looked at the traffic flow?
    Saturn Pkwy 3 Lanes to 2 Lanes, to 3 Lanes
    (one for exiting traffic)… to 2 Lanes at the cloverleaf to 3 Lanes (one for exiting traffic)… immediately back to 2 Lanes until you get to 3 Lanes again at the 840 interchange?
    Please explain?


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