Whataburger Brings Back Dr Pepper Shake for Limited Time

dr pepper shake

When pharmacist Charles Alderton invented Dr Pepper in Waco, Texas nearly 150 years ago, he probably never imagined his creation would be enjoyed by millions of people around the world – much less that it would become a fan-favorite shake flavor at Whataburger.

The iconic Dr Pepper shake has been brought back. The Dr Pepper Shake has returned for a limited time.

The limited-time offer shake is rich, tasty, and creamy, made using a vanilla shake base and Dr Pepper syrup.

“The Dr Pepper Shake is as unique as Dr Pepper itself,” Rich Scheffler, Whataburger Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, said. “This shake lets customers experience their favorite soft drink in a new way.”

Curbside pickup and delivery are options on the Whataburger App and at Whataburger.com. Customers who create an account will start earning rewards and get special offers.

DR PEPPER is a registered trademark of Dr Pepper/Seven Up, Inc. © 2023

Source: Whataburger
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