When is the Right Time to Close My Pool?

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With Fall in full swing and Winter quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about closing your pool. With the weather constantly cooling down and warming up again, it can be difficult to decide when the pool weather is officially over.

If you close your pool too early, it is more susceptible to algae growth and your winterizing chemicals won’t last until Spring. If you wait too long, your pool equipment can get damaged by the freezing temperatures.

Peek Pools is here to provide their insight and what factors to keep in mind when deciding when to close your pool for the year.

Weather conditions

To prevent algae growth and allow your winter chemicals to last the full season, you should keep your pool open until it consistently remains below 65º F. You can keep it open longer than that but it can become costly to close it before. Algae growth isn’t completely stopped until the water hits 40º so if you can wait that long, it’s recommended. If you have a pool heater, that can help extend the life of your pool past the typical season. However, it’s important to make sure you close your pool before it hits freezing temperatures at night.


The leaves are starting to fall and that creates extra maintenance with your pool. If the weather is cool enough and you aren’t using your pool anymore, think about closing it. It will save you time and effort because you won’t have the daily upkeep of making sure your gutters and pipes are clear.

Temperatures drop

Waiting too late to close your pool can not only damage it but it can also make the process even less enjoyable. Closing your pool and saying goodbye to warm weather is already hard enough, you don’t want to do it outside in cold temperatures. Late September or October is the perfect time to close your pool because it is getting too cold to use your pool but it’s still warm enough to be outside and make sure your pool is properly winterized.


The typical pool season ends around Labor Day but in Middle Tennessee, it usually stays warm enough that you can use your pool for a few weeks after that. Once your children are in school and the usage starts to wind down, you should start thinking about winterizing. Keep in mind the other tips when determining the best time but go ahead and start thinking about it before it’s too late.

While there is no exact date you have to close your pool, it’s important to do it late enough to prevent algae growth and early enough to prevent freezing. It’s also important to do it properly so you don’t damage anything and everything is perfect when it’s time to reopen.

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