5 Winter Hacks For Your Car


As we hit one winter front after another, we compiled a few hacks to help you get through those frozen locks and windows so you can heat your car. These hacks use everyday items you can find around the house!

  • Put 3 Parts Apple Cider Vinegar to 1 Part Water in a Spray Bottle. Apply to windshields the night before. The acidity in the vinegar will prevent ice from forming, so you won’t have to worry about de-icing your car the next morning.
  • Mix 2 parts alcohol to 1 part water in a spray bottle and spray between doors or on door handles to defrost. ( Do NOT store in a vehicle as alcohol is flammable.)
  • Put hand sanitizer (you know you got some lying around) on your key and insert into your frozen lock. Hand sanitizer has alcohol, and won’t evaporate as quickly as pure alcohol.
  • Foggy Windows? Put cat litter in a sock and tie it up and put on your dashboard and it will absorb the moisture.
  • A drinking straw can also be used to de-ice locks. Take a straw and blow directly onto the frozen lock to melt the ice. Your hot breath acts like a miniature heat gun to remove ice from the lock.

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