7 (Almost) Mess-Free Jack-O-Lantern Ideas


If you love Halloween as much as my household does, then you are already looking for creative and unique ways to decorate! Jack-O-Lanterns are a Halloween staple, but if we’re being honest, most of us just don’t like the mess of them. Check out these fun ways to incorporate (almost) mess-free Jack-O-Lanterns into your holiday decor!


The easiest way to avoid the pumpkin mess is by using paint to adorn this Halloween classic. Creativity is your only limit when it comes to design. Keep in mind, that acrylic paints work best. Ensure you clean the surface of your pumpkin first. Once your design is complete, coat it with an outdoor sealant. Pro tip: consider using glow paint for your design.

2Foam Sheets

Foam sheets are a colorful, mess-free way to decorate pumpkins. Usually found at a craft supply store, foam sheets are easy to cut into any shape you choose and come in a variety of colors and even patterns. Cut out your design, peel the back and place it on your cleaned pumpkin to create one-of-a-kind faces and designs.

3Oil-based Paint Markers

These paint markers (such as Sharpies) allow you to create without the mess. Draw on any patterns or designs to create spooky landscapes or creepy creatures. Silver, gold and white look particularly neat on orange pumpkins.

4Reuse Old Toys

Do you have an old Mr. or Mrs. Potato Head lying around? Use their pieces to create new faces on uncarved pumpkins. Got old army men figurines? Grab some twine and wrap it around their arms and the stem of your pumpkin to make it look like they are scaling down the side.

5Decorating Kit

Plenty of stores, and of course Amazon, have pre-packaged decorating kits for your Halloween pumpkins. Choose from a variety of themes and colors to create the perfect pumpkin landscape.

6Construction Paper

A classic staple from anybody’s childhood, construction paper is the perfect way to design and create pumpkins. Draw out your shapes, cut them out and glue or tape them on to make faces, bats, spooky scenes and more!

7Temporary Tattoos

Who would ever think there was a useful way to use up those temporary tattoos around your house? In need of temporary tattoos? You can order various types online. Create scenes from movies with your kid’s favorite characters or eerie spectacles with Halloween-themed tattoos.

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