Are Your Nitrile Gloves Reliable or Counterfeit?

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When the COVID-19 global pandemic hit, personal protective equipment (PPE) was in high demand…and very low supply. While crises can bring out the best in many people who rally around one another in camaraderie and support, they can also bring out the worst in others. Unfortunately tens of millions of counterfeit, secondhand nitrile gloves were imported into the U.S. during this time.

Recent Investigation

News agency CNN recently released results of an investigation which revealed that millions of gloves were shipped from Southeast Asia with fraudulent documentation. These were either secondhand gloves that had been washed and redyed or gloves that were of a sub-par material, not nitrile. 

Unfortunately, a loophole for nefarious companies was opened as regulations on PPE were suspended to meet the increased demand at the beginning of the pandemic.

Government Crackdown

While it is unclear just how many millions of counterfeit nitrile gloves have crossed through ports and borders, along with how many still sit in warehouses across the country, the Department of Homeland Security along with the Food and Drug Administration are conducting criminal investigations as well as taking steps to find and stop the sale of unapproved PPE products. At this time, it is not known if any of these unapproved products have caused harm to patients or medical personnel.

Protect Yourself

While it is alarming to learn of faulty nitrile gloves potentially on the open market, you can know you’re receiving quality, approved nitrile gloves when shopping with a reputable company such as Empire Managed Solutions, backed by lab testing and FDA-approved.

No shortcuts, no second hand products, Empire has been dedicated to high-quality and reliable PPE for years, long before the advent of COVID-19. Empire Managed Solutions is committed to continuing to provide PPE to keep people safe, across industries and ailments. Contact Empire Managed Solutions at (904) 343-5750 for questions or to place your nitrile gloves order for consistent, quality protection.

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