City of Columbia Names February Employee of the Month

Officer Jaimee Brown
Officer Jaimee Brown

The City of Columbia has announced Officer Jaimee Brown as the February Employee of the Month!

Jaimee Brown has been with the City for almost two years and is a Police Officer with Columbia Police Department, Tennessee. Officer Brown was nominated for Employee of the Month by a citizen of Columbia.

The citizen stated:

“Back in early November, Officer Brown was dispatched to my home to take a report about debit card theft. Officer Brown was very professional and told me that she would investigate the locations where my debit card was used. The suspect who stole my debit card was found, arrested, charged, and pled guilty to the crime. It is my feeling that Officer Brown was directly responsible for making the arrest happen and bringing me closure to the crime committed against me. In addition, I witnessed Officer Brown assisting a lost child back to their mother during the Christmas Parade. The confidence in the Columbia Police Department that Officer Brown has given me is amazing. Officer Brown represents the Police Department in a very positive way and she deserves the reinforcement this award will give her.”


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