City of Columbia Passes Largest Street Paving Allocation in History


The City of Columbia announces the passing of a $3.2 million allocation for a City street resurfacing project, the largest street resurfacing allocation in the City’s history. City Council approved the paving list during the March 10th City Council meeting. The total of $3.2 million is earmarked for approximately 20+ miles of street resurfacing within the City of Columbia. The project will begin advertising for bids shortly, and the resurfacing is expected to commence in late spring/early summer.

“I am pleased with the recent passage of the largest street paving allocation in Columbia’s history. For one, our streets need attention and this money will be put to good use in the short term—allowing for 9% of our total street/paved miles to receive paving,” stated Mayor Chaz Molder. Molder went on to say, “It’s also an example of how the City of Columbia is working to find the balance to grow in a way that is looking out for tomorrow, while ensuring the infrastructure of today remains suitable. And, it sets an example for our other local and state partners of our commitment to improving the roads and hopefully they will also follow suit.”

A list of streets proposed to be paved has been developed using field observations and a Street Database Program. Consideration has been given to streets in all wards of the City to identify the City’s paving needs and to effectively use the available paving funds. The proposed street list is tentative and will guide development for the street paving project. Once bids are received, the paving contract will come before City Council for approval, and then contract work will presumably commence.

A list of proposed streets for resurfacing can be found here.

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