City of Spring Hill Lifts Irrigation Restrictions


The City of Spring Hill is lifting irrigation restrictions which were put into place earlier this week.

On Tuesday, the necessary repairs were made within the Columbia Power and Water Systems (CPWS) water distribution system. The irrigation shutoff was continued to allow for the municipal water system to recover.

After a few days, the water system has rebounded, and thus, the restrictions have been lifted, effective immediately. The restrictions were initiated in response to a mechanical issue that arose within the CPWS water distribution system.

On Monday, the mechanical issue was identified, and irrigation restrictions were put into place by Spring Hill officials. At the time, Spring Hill residents were asked to participate in a voluntary shutoff of irrigation systems, while large commercial properties in Spring Hill were placed under a mandatory shutoff.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact the City of
Spring Hill at [email protected].

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