Country Artist Jimmie Allen’s Label has Severed Ties Amid Second Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images for Crown Royal

On Friday, a second lawsuit was filed against country artist Jimmie Allen.

WKRN reports a second woman who is identified as “Jane Doe 2” is accusing Allen of sexual assault, filing a federal suit.

According to the WKRN report, Jane Doe 2 and Allen met on a plane after his bodyguard asked the victim for her number. They continued a relationship and Allen told the victim he was separated from his wife.

The two met again in Las Vegas and Allen allegedly sexually assaulted Jane Doe 2 in a hotel room there, according to the report. “After Allen ‘passed out’, Jane Doe 2 found a cell phone in the closet, facing the bed, leading her to believe he had been videotaping the entire event,” reports WKRN. The victim took the phone to the police and filed a report.

A first lawsuit was filed against Allen in May by his former day-to-day manager for sexual assault over an 18 month period.

Since that time, Allen was removed from the CMA Fest lineup, his booking agency UTA suspended representation and his label, Stoney Creek Records suspended Allen.

Now, Stoney Creek Records, part of BBR shared a statement they have severed ties with Allen.

“BBR Music Group has dissolved its relationship with Jimmie Allen,” a statement to Variety and Rolling Stone reads. “He is no longer an active artist on its roster.”

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