Couple Escapes Franklin House Fire After Being Alerted by Good Samaritans


Franklin Fire Department officials are praising several motorists, including Ilda Aguirre and Sondra Hale, who stopped to alert a couple that their house was on fire and help them to safety on the morning of June 15. They are seeking the names of two other unidentified individuals who also assisted, one of whom entered the home and helped evacuate two elderly occupants.

Aguirre and Hale were driving on Lewisburg Avenue in separate vehicles at around the same time, when both observed a two-story, historic home in flames. Both immediately stopped, called 911, and jumped out to help. Thanks to their actions, and the actions of another man and woman who rendered aid, the residents made it out uninjured.

Franklin Firefighters were dispatched to the residence at 7:48 AM. They arrived to find fire rapidly extending up the exterior of the house toward the roof and heavy black smoke. They used hose lines to quickly control the fire and searched the home to ensure all occupants were out. Firefighters saved the historic home, keeping damage to an estimated $100,000, according to Franklin Fire Marshal Andy King. King said the fire started on the exterior of the home, and the cause is undetermined.

If you know the names of the citizens who helped, please contact the Franklin Fire Department at 615-791-3270 or [email protected].

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