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With summer around the corner, it’s hard not to think about your pool and all the fun you’ll have entertaining. As part of that, you might be thinking about upgrading your pool and changing up your design to be on-trend or create a fun, unique experience. Whether it’s a complete redesign, or you’re looking to add some elements to change things up, there’s a lot that can be done to improve your pool area.

We know the feeling, which is why we opted to provide some inspo for your pool area. Here are a few trends to take note of to create your dream pool area.

Knife-Edge Pools

Similar in look to infinity pools. These provide a unique experience, especially when coupled with a nice view. In this type of pool, the water sits level with the pool deck and flows over an edge into a slow edge around the perimeter of the pool. These pools tend to be used for luxury applications and are complicated with extensive systems, pumps, and design features.

You’ll want to make sure you go with the right pool builder for this design and pick someone who specializes in this design. Keep in mind that these pools will require special maintenance as well.

​​LED Lighting

What is a discussion around lighting now without the mention of LED lighting? LEDs have taken the world by storm and are installed in cars, planes, and in your home. Your pool is no exception and the energy savings and lighting flexibility offered with LEDs make for a unique trendy look that will elevate your pool experience.

Fire Features

While LED lights provide great artificial light, the warm glow of fire will make your pool an unforgettable experience. Upscale pools tend to include fire around the perimeter of the pool for drama and added effect. There are a variety of fire features that may be incorporated. Volcano fire pits, cauldrons, torches, fire features that look as though they’re floating on your pool water. You name it, you can probably do it. And with the budget for it, you can do virtually anything with fire features.

Sloped And Zero-entry Ledges

Another popular trend are beach-like pools with sloped entries. These pools have one side that offers a gentle slope into the pool creating the illusion of a beach entry. It’s fun and allows swimmers to enter the pool more slowly. It’s also an ideal type for the disabled, children, and those who don’t like traditional pool designs at large.

Another great feature of sloped pools is that the slope provides a nice lounge area to enjoy the sun and stay cool. The perfect sunbathing opportunity.

Baja shelves are another option and have been around for a while. These are ledges set to around a foot of depth and offer a great lounge experience without needing to submerge in the water.

Sloped entry pools are trendy, unique, and provide a great lounge experience, but you’ll need to account for additional space in order to accommodate the additional slope of the pool.

Your Dream Pool Area

Summer’s around the corner, and it’s time to dust off the pool and get set for grilling and entertaining. Whether you’re looking for a complete redesign, or interested in sprucing your pool area up for this pool season, consider these pool design trends to offer a unique space for guests and your family to enjoy.

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