Dickson Police Captain Accused of Assault at Kid Rock Concert in Nashville


A Dickson Police Department captain is now facing charges after being accused of assault at a Kid Rock concert in Nashville, according to WKRN.

According to Metro police, 56-year-old Ronald Hobson assaulted a man on Saturday after getting into an argument during the concert. Police were told by witnesses that Hobson refused to sit down after being asked by multiple people, which eventually led into the argument.

Witnesses say Hobson then pushed, grabbed, and choke slammed the victim down the stairs and over a railing.

Police say Hobson also kicked him several times until he stopped moving. The assault resulted in the victim being taken to the hospital.

Police charged Hobson with felony aggravated assault. He was arrested Saturday night and was released early Sunday morning.

According to Dickson Police Chief Jeff Lewis, Hobson is part of the Criminal Investigations/Narcotics Division of the Dickson Police Department. He has been placed on “placed on administrative leave pending resolution of the investigation.”


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