Fourth of July Mailbag: Jim Wyatt Answers Questions From Titans Fans


NASHVILLE – Happy 4th of July.

I hope everyone has a great holiday.

Before I go any further, I want to thank everyone for all the the birthday wishes I received on Monday. I read, and appreciate, every one of them.

And, thanks for stopping in to check out the latest Titans mailbag.

Let’s see what’s inside …

Here’s the link to submit questions: CLICK HERE

Jim Williams from Lubbock, Texas
 Hi Jim. The Titans suffered a real blow with NPF’s suspension. They now need to make at least one move on the offensive line. George Fant is a free agent offensive tackle who may be considered. Whatever the Titans do, they need to move quickly. The Jaguars lost their starting left tackle to a PED suspension so they are probably looking for help also. If Fant is the guy, sign him before the Jaguars do. That suggestion is all I have for today.

Jim: Hey Jim. Right now I’m just concentrating on in-house options. Not sure what the GM/head coach might be thinking because I haven’t seen them since this all came down last week. I do know if a vested veteran is on the roster for Week 1, his salary is guaranteed for the year.

Devin Douglas from Memphis, Tennessee
 Hey Jim, I hope all is well in TITAN UP UNIVERSE!!! I am well aware of us being the better in our Division but I just want to know your opinion on having 5 Division games to close out the last 8 season games, is this good or a set up?

Jim: Hey Devin. I look at it like it’s something positive – it’ll be a chance to either bury the competition, or put the team in a position to gain ground in the event it stumbles early. Three of the last four games, and five of the last seven, are at Nissan Stadium, so that’s a good thing as well.

Brian McClain from Adams, Tennessee
 Hey Jim. Do we know if the throwback jerseys will be home and away or just one of them? Also do we have an approximate release date.

Jim: Yes, and hearing it could be both. End of this month.

Brandon Bryant from Paris, Tennessee
 I believe this is the longest offseason EVER! I’m so excited for the season to start! What are the odds we land DeAndre Hopkins? And also, will they have an open practice at the stadium this year?

Jim: The offseason has flown by for me, but I am looking forward to the season. … DeAndre is the only one who can answer this. … I do not expect an open practice at the stadium.

Peter Bertalan from Oroshaza, Hungary
: Dear Jim Wyatt! I have been reading your writings for years. I am writing to you from Europe, Hungary. Today I managed to buy a ticket to London, for the match to be held in October! My writing is not really a question, but rather an expression of my joy that I can see my favorite team live in the fall. I’ve been following the NFL for almost twenty years, and in recent years I’ve chosen the Titans as my favorite team. I see that year after year very seriously prepared teams go to the championship, small differences in each match decide who will be the winner. Therefore, I hope that in the coming years, the Titans will be a participant in the last game of the year, for the championship. Whenever it happens, I will wait.

Jim: Congrats, Peter! See ya in London!

Neil McGeehan from Derry, Ireland
 Hi Jim, got my tickets for the game in London! Really looking forward to the game & a get together with some other Titans fans for a beer or 10! It’s my first regular season game though I saw the Titans once before, back in 2005 when I was visiting family in Nashville & we went to see Titans v Bucs in a preseason game, got myself a McNair jersey back then. On a more recent trip to Nashville i got a Henry jersey so I will wearing it in London baby!

Jim: Sounds like it’s going to be a party in London, Neil!

Gary Gallagher from Ottawa, Canada
 What’s up Jimbo Slice. Love your coverage of the titans from up in Canada keep up the amazing work! Are you noticing any big differences in the offense/offensive scheme with Tim Kelly compared to last year with Todd Downing? Are there any receivers getting a large portion of the targets? Thanks big dog, enjoy your summer. I’ll be having about 2 or 3 cold ones while I await your answer.

Jim: Appreciate it, Gary. I hope you enjoyed those cold ones. A faster tempo is one thing I’ve noticed, and some wrinkles I’m not allowed to discuss. I’m expecting Treylon and Chig to make a big jump in production in 2023. But there’s a lot to be sorted out in training camp and the preseason.

Jake Crum from Greenbrier, Tennessee
 Last year the Titans had an event where you could host your fantasy football draft at the titans stadium.Do you know if they will have similar event this year? My league mates and I are interested in buying tickets before they sell out.

Jim: Hey Jake. I asked around about this, and here’s what Chris Lee, Marketing & Fan Engagement Coordinator for the Titans, said: Yes, the team is running it back this year and doubling the amount of suite options available to meet the demand (it sold out after a few hours a year ago). The team is still working on a timeline as to when it will be announced. Look for more details closer to preseason.

Hunter Johnson from McMinnville, Tennessee
 Hey, Jim, Hunter here. It been a while since I since last asked you a question. So here is my question, how is Caleb Farley doing? TITAN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim: He’s still not ready, Hunter.


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