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How Do I Switch to Digital Marketing?

Cascadia Capital recently published a Local Marketing Industry Overview that points out two very important trends that begin to explain why so many small businesses are asking, “How do I switch to digital marketing?”

First, digital marketing spend and advertising is accelerating for small businesses.  Spending was up 9% last year over 2021.  And the forecast over the next two years is still over 7%.

Second, consumers still prefer to shop local whenever possible; over 70%!  Local searches with “where to buy” and “near me” are up over 200% in the past 2 years.

Now You Know WHY to Switch

So it’s pretty apparent WHY you want to transition to digital marketing.  The natural follow-up question becomes, “How?”

First of all, some advice.  Keep what’s working, whether it’s digital or not.

Second, don’t transition to digital marketing in bits and pieces without a real plan.


Making a Successful Transition to Digital Marketing

We realized about a decade ago that making the switch to digital marketing needs structure.  So we set about creating our unique system.

It starts with the underlying formula we use to develop digital marketing strategy.  We call it our basic marketing formula.  And it’s pretty darned simple:

Marketing Formula

We created a “Marketing 101” 5-part series recently here in our Local Marketing blog.  Check it out.

Next, we realized there has to be a structure in place to test ideas quickly and inexpensively, so as to avoid wasting time and money getting to what works.  We call this our Unique Bullseye Digital Marketing Method.

Quite simply, it provides a road map to test the ideas you feel are the most plausible.  In the outer ring, you eliminate the duds.  In the middle ring, you A/B test variations on what already shows traction.  And in the inner ring, you really focus on what will deliver actionable new customer leads most efficiently.


Getting Started

So if you’ve been asking, “How do I switch to digital marketing?” we understand that’s a BIG question for a small business.  We respect it so much, that we’re willing to invest in you long before you ever invest in us.

Our team offers a free initial marketing consultation to discuss your questions and concerns.  It’s also a way for us to learn more about your business and help you get comfortable with how we work.

If you’re “not there yet,” it’s OK.  Just subscribe to our free e-mail newsletter about Local Marketing so you can keep up with more articles like this one.

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