Ideas to Celebrate National Swimming Pool Day – July 11

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National Swimming Pool Day is celebrated annually on July 11. It’s a great time to reflect on your happiest memories of long days at the pool as a child or your favorite summer vacation memories. But it’s also an opportune time to make new memories and ensure your pool is in great shape at this mid-point of the summer.

As you gear up for July 11, consider how you might enjoy the water or take this opportunity to start planning your backyard oasis for next summer if you’ve always wanted a pool but haven’t taken the leap yet.

Celebration Ideas for National Swimming Pool Day

Gather up your friends and family and celebrate National Swimming Pool Day together. There are many ways to enjoy the day, even if you don’t have your dream swimming pool at your home yet.

1. Go for a Swim

national pool day

When you have a pool, you can take it for granted sometimes. You might suddenly realize that between busy summer schedules and everyday commitments, you haven’t taken the time to enjoy your pool other than for a few gatherings. It’s time to jump in.

Whether you swim some laps for exercise or just float around to relax after the workday, be sure to enjoy the cool waters and take advantage of your pool. You don’t have to host a big party on a Tuesday night to take some time to enjoy your hard work in owning and maintaining a pool. You can enjoy your backyard oasis privately without the added planning and hosting that a party can involve.

2. Take a Vacation

national pool day

It’s a great time to get away. Summer work schedules tend to be more flexible, and children are naturally out of school. You can head to a spa or natural spring to enjoy a more unique pool experience.

Or just get away for a long weekend with the kids at a waterpark. Take off July 11 and surprise your kids with a trip to one of Nashville’s water park resorts. It will certainly be something your children won’t forget.

3. Plan a Staycation

national pool day

When you have a pool, you might have no interest in spending days traveling somewhere else to relax. So take some time off work and relax in your own oasis. If you have children or will be welcoming children to join you for parts of your staycation, plan some pool games and fun tropical snacks to enjoy together.

But the great part about a staycation is that you don’t have to do tons of planning and can instead focus on relaxing and enjoying your space.

4. Invest in Some New Toys or Gear

If you have a pool in your backyard, a fun way to reinvigorate the experience for you and your family is to invest in new toys or gear. Perhaps it’s new floaties to fit your growing child, or it might be a volleyball game where you’ll spend some quality time with your children playing.

Take inventory to see how your toys and gear are holding up a few months into the swim season. Replace a few favorites that have worn out or popped in the last several weeks.

5. Install a Swimming Pool

national pool day

The process to install a swimming pool and get the design you want takes some time. But if you start now, you’ll certainly be ready to celebrate next season. By starting now, you’ll also guarantee you won’t miss a day of pool season next year.

Meet with a skilled pool designer and contractor to discuss your preferences. There are so many options for pool styles and features to meet your preferences, needs and space available.

Peek Pools and Spas is a premier custom pool builder. Their team helps you turn your dreams into a reality. Contact them at 615-866-8800 to get started now.

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