Introducing Cabin Coffee Co.

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Maury County has welcomed its newest coffee shop: Cabin Coffee Co. located at 1909 Shady Brook Street in Columbia, Tennessee.

Cabin Coffee is a chain coffee shop that is established to run like a local mom-and-pop operation. The original Cabin Coffee opened in Clear Lake, Iowa in 2002 and has since launched 20 locations, most of which are owned and operated by customers themselves. The newest Cabin Coffe location is owned by Columbia’s very own Brad and Melinda Harrub, both native Tennesseans.

I sat down with Brad to talk about their exciting new journey and here are the highlights!

What gave you the desire to open a Cabin Coffee here in Maury County?

“While visiting in Colorado, we came across a Cabin Coffee franchise. Upon walking in we immediately noticed that it didn’t feel like a generic, sterile coffee shop. It didn’t have a snooty vibe, it was warm and welcoming. To make it even better, the coffee was some of the best I have ever tasted before.”

What is your goal for each customer?

“We want to create an inviting experience with the goal of each customer feeling like we know them personally and leaving each day happier than they came in. We don’t want everyone feeling like a number, or feeling like they are enduring the typical coffee line process – we want it to feel like a welcoming experience. We train our staff with the idea of we don’t serve coffee, we serve people.”

You seem to be very big on community, can you expand on this?

“We want to be more than a place that serves coffee, we desire to be a hub for the Maury County area where friendly service is always expected. We want to be able to support our community whether through helping groups fundraise, giving back to the community through local donations or allowing our meeting area to be used for various purposes.

Tell me about your meeting room.

“The meeting room can be used spontaneously if it is available but we do ask it be booked in advance if possible. Our meeting room can be used for civic purposes, bible groups, meetings and even events along the lines of bridal showers.”

Explain to me why you are different from other coffee shops in the area?

“With a focus on the customer experience, we promise to bring you the highest quality product every time. We provide freshly roasted beans. As a matter of fact, you can come into our coffee bean room and pick out any one of our products and we will roast them fresh for you to your liking for you to take home. We have a wide selection of FTO (fair trade organic) beans and we can trace the origins of each.”

What has been the best part of opening your store in Maury County?

“There have been so many but one thing that stands out is the support and outpouring of love we have received from other local Columbia business owners.”

Give the Maury County Source readers some of your favorite drinks for them to try out!

Bell Ringer – Freshly brewed coffee with a double shot of Espresso

Nitro Cold Brew – A smooth taste that is highly caffeinated

Vanilla Latte – Chilled Espresso and milk over ice with a rich vanilla taste

Iced Americano with Butterscotch, Hazelnut and Cream – Double Espresso shot over ice with water and a rich, nutty flavor

The Tumbleweed – Known as a white coffee, the Tumbleweed is a highly caffeinated drink with a clean coffee flavor. This drink is perfect for someone who traditionally would not like a strong coffee taste.

Cabin Coffee also serves a variety of high-quality breakfast and lunch items ranging from bakery and breakfast sandwiches to soups, salads and lunchtime sandwiches.

You can take all of your favorite coffee flavors home anytime you want! Cabin Coffee has packaged, ready-to-go beans as well as the option to fresh roast to your exact liking if you have 15 minutes to spare.

Congratulations to Brad and Melinda on your newest life adventure! We know that the people of Maury County will welcome you with open arms and thoroughly enjoy their time spent at Cabin Coffee.

Cabin Coffee Hours:

Monday-Friday: 6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Saturday: 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Sunday: Closed
Learn more at

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  1. My husband and I had to go to Columbia for an errand (we live in SH) and decided to go to the Dotted Lime for lunch which is right next door. We walked across the parking lot to check out Cabin Coffee Co. It definitely has a cozy cabin feel and the employees are friendly and informative. My husband was impressed with the fact that they roast the beans right there. We both got standard lattes that were good but we’ll definitely be back to try out others when we’re back in that area.


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