It’s the Last Day You Can Order Alcohol To-Go in Tennessee


In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, ordering food to-go became a very popular option and, for the first time in Tennessee, you could also order alcohol to-go.

Governor Bill Lee signed an executive order in 2020 allowing for the sale of takeaway alcohol orders. This was during a time when restaurant capacity was limited and also to encourage more sales for restaurants.

Then in 2021, that law was extended until July 1st, 2023. Stating, “Effective immediately and continuing until July 1, 2023, certain on- premises license holders may make limited carryout sales of alcoholic beverages, which would otherwise be considered a sale of alcohol for “off-premises consumption” and not allowed under their license.”

Other stipulations for carry out included the purchase of food, beverages had to be packaged in a bottle or can with a secure cap or in a container that is secured by tape which secures the lid, covers any openings in the lid, and which would show that it has been opened. 

The law also stated it was to be a single serving, “Carryout purchases of alcoholic beverages may not consist of more than, a single serving of alcoholic beverages, not to exceed sixteen fluid ounces (16 fl. oz.) or one bottle of wine per order. No bottles of spirits may be sold. For example, a pitcher containing more than sixteen fluid ounces (16 fl. oz.) of margaritas may not be sold in a carryout order.”

An amendment was proposed earlier this year for consideration to make the law permanent but was not successful.

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