Leadership Middle TN to Launch 24 Hours of Kindness Project Nov 29-30


Volunteers from Leadership Middle Tennessee (LMT) will work during a 24-hour whirlwind period to spread kindness throughout the ten-county region as the organization’s class of 2024 celebrates 24 Hours of Kindness as its annual service project, from 9:00 p.m. Wednesday, November 29 to 9:00 p.m. Thursday, November 30.

Class member volunteers from each of the ten counties in the LMT region will work on projects in their local communities during two different assigned time segments in the 24-hour period. Members will end their 24-hr schedule by volunteering together at the American Red Cross on Charlotte Avenue.

“There are 24 hours in a day, and we are the class of 24. That didn’t feel like a coincidence when we started discussing our service project. It felt like a calling to think outside the box, to think beyond traditional volunteer opportunities and bring kindness to very specific parts of our communities,” said Sommer Pearson, LMT 2024. “While highlighting unique community needs, we aren’t forgetting about the regional aspect of Leadership Middle Tennessee. Working together with the American Red Cross as the culmination of the day’s activities gives us a fabulous opportunity to serve our entire region and to share the insights and benefits of the event, both tangible and intangible.”

County-specific projects include feeding breakfast to local first responders in Cheatham County at 5 am, hosting a 9 pm coat drive in Dickson County, and recognizing healthcare workers in Wilson County at 2 pm.   A full schedule of projects by county and time of day can be found below.

In addition to feeding and recognizing different groups of unsung heroes in each of the counties, the volunteers are offering other services, such as donating estate planning services, helping schools collect supplies for the local Humane Society, and submitting thankful reviews for local businesses on social media.

The official projects are listed below by county and time:

CHEATHAM COUNTY 5AM 11/30: Feeding breakfast to local first responders 3PM 11/30: Visiting with residents of local assisted living facilities
DAVIDSON COUNTY 6AM 11/30:  Feeding local firefighters 4PM 11/30: Volunteering at 

Hospital Hospitality House

DICKSON COUNTY 9PM 11/29:  Hosting a coat drive with Spark Coalition to benefit area residents 7AM 11/30: Volunteering at the Dickson County Help Center

 Volunteering at Center of Hope

8AM 11/30:

 Volunteering at Baby Safe Court

MONTGOMERY COUNTY 11PM 11/29: Volunteering at Austin Peay

State University Food Pantry

9AM 11/30:

Volunteering at ARC

ROBERTSON COUNTY 12AM 11/30: Feeding the night shift workers at North Crest Medical Center 10AM 11/30:

Hiding fun bookmarks in library Books

RUTHERFORD COUNTY 1AM 11/30: Feeding local first responders 11AM 11/30: Feeding the Habitat for Humanity building crew (and adopting

the family for the holidays)

SUMNER COUNTY 2AM 11/30: Feeding night shift hospital


12PM 11/30: Feeding local veterans
WILLIAMSON COUNTY 3AM 11/30: Feeding local first responders 1PM 11/30: Collecting supplies for

Needs of Our Children (NOOK)

WILSON COUNTY 4AM 11/30: Bringing coffee and treats to Lebanon Police Department 2PM 11/30: Creating and delivering an appreciation poster for workers at

Charis Healthcare

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