OBITUARY: Kwang ‘KB’ Ja Bray


It is with heavy hearts that we bid farewell to a remarkable woman, Kwang “KB” Ja Bray, who passed away on December 17, 2023, in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

Born in South Korea on January 22, 1945, Kwang Ja’s journey was one of resilience, determination, and unwavering strength.

Kwang’s pursuit of the American dream led her to Columbia, where she established herself as an integral part of the community. With an entrepreneurial spirit, she founded her own clothing alterations business, a thriving establishment that has served the community for over 23 years. Through her dedication and skill, Kwang, also known as “Kay” or “KB” to her customers, became a trusted name in the world of fashion, leaving an indelible mark on the lives of those she touched.

Despite the language barrier, Kwang built profound connections with her customers, many of whom became lifelong friends. Her reputation as a master of delicate garment alterations made her the go-to person for significant life events, including proms, weddings, and the fitting of official law enforcement uniforms. Kwang’s commitment to excellence, honesty, and unparalleled knowledge earned her the unwavering trust of her clientele.

A force to be reckoned with, Kwang was known for her strong work ethic and unyielding determination to overcome any challenge. Her ability to set her mind on a goal and accomplish it inspired all who knew her. Her resilience was matched only by her kindness, humor, and infectious spirit. Kwang was a true spitfire, leaving an indelible impression on everyone fortunate enough to cross her path.

Beyond her professional achievements, Kwang was a pillar of support for her community. A friend to many and a therapist to several more, she lent a compassionate ear to those in need, providing solace and comfort. Her generosity and caring nature endeared her to countless individuals who found a confidante in her.

Kwang Ja Bray is survived by her dear husband of 50 years, Gary Bray, her loving daughter, Sunny (Bray) Cartmell, her son-in-law, Bryan Cartmell, and granddaughter, Braylin Cartmell. Her family was the center of her world, and the love they shared will forever be a testament to her enduring legacy.

The family will be receiving friends and visitors on Thursday, December 21, 2023, from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM, with a celebration of life commencing at 7:00 PM.

Kwang Ja Bray leaves behind a legacy of hard work, determination, and compassion. She will be dearly missed by all who had the privilege of knowing her. In celebrating her life, let us remember the impact she had on the community, the bonds she forged, and the countless lives she touched with her warmth and wisdom.

The care of Mrs. Kwang Ja Bray and her family has been entrusted to the staff of Williams Funeral Home. To share words of comfort and condolences, please visit


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