Our Middle TN High School Football MVP – Week One


The Lebanon Blue Devils exploded Friday night on the road in Antioch putting on a “How to Football” clinic for all Middle Tennessee to watch. So, who lit the fuse? That would be none other than our Middle TN Source High School Football MVP of the week, Anthony Crowell.

He lit that fuse by starting off the game with a bang and running the opening kickoff back for a touchdown. He then took in a handoff for the second score of his night, followed by a screen pass he took 40 yards to paydirt. Anthony is exactly what you think of when you hear someone say “a Swiss Army Knife type player,” because he not only does everything on offense and returns kicks, but he also plays safety on defense where his last touchdown came in the form of a pick six that he returned from about mid-field. You can watch these highlights on Anthony’s Hudl below.

Anthony is a senior 5’9 165lb WR/FS at Lebanon High School. That being said, Anthony’s performance was not a case of a Derrick Henry in the early 2000-teens who was almost as big as he is now, stiff-arming 9th graders into the turf in Jacksonville Florida. Anthony, who did in fact use a stiff arm on the way to his final touchdown of the night, was just simply more athletic than anyone else on the field and was the best player on the field that night.

Crowell (bottom) celebrates with teammates after win
Photo by Adam Brown

This performance was not a fluke as Anthony had over 2,000 yards in 2021. Crowell started his senior season off the right way and this has a chance to be a special one for him and his team.

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