Prepare Your Pool for Fall With 4 Tricks

Prepare Your Pool for Fall with 4 Tricks

By Peek Pools and Spas

You may see a warm day here or there as we get further into October, but fall is definitely here. The kids are in school, the schedule is full, and swim season is over. There are a few things you’ll need to do to prepare your pool for the final closing this fall. These four tricks will only make things much easier next spring when you’re ready to dive back into the backyard pool. These tips will also save you money and make your pool healthier for you, your family and friends.

Trick 1: Clean Accessories Before You Store

The chairs you’ve enjoyed lounging in, the pool noodles, the floats, the toys – all these accessories and more will be stored for the winter. But before you put them away, thoroughly clean and sanitize them. Then make sure they are fully dry before they go into storage. Dirty or damp accessories stored away are excellent breeding grounds for unsavory things such as bacteria, mold or mildew. (Yuck!) Save your wallet and your well-being by storing them clean and dry.

Trick 2: Clean the Debris

The season is called “fall” because that’s what the leaves all do. And they have a nasty habit of falling into your pool. Skimming and cleaning your pool of leaves and debris is important, particularly if you don’t cover it. A weekly skimming may not be enough during the autumn. Keeping dirt, leaves and debris cleaned out regularly prevents bacteria and algae. And, if leaves settle to the bottom, they could stain your pool. Not cleaning your pool regularly could also put a strain on the pool filter or clog it and cause an expensive repair if the motor burns up.

Trick 3: Clean the Filter

Speaking of the filter, give it a good cleaning. It’s been working hard all summer long and the debris of autumn can be extra taxing.

Trick 4: Balance the Water

This may seem counterintuitive. After all, no one is going to be using the pool. But ensuring the pH, calcium and chlorine levels are appropriately balanced will help prevent algae from blooming. Chemical balancing throughout the offseason also makes it easier to achieve proper balanced levels when you open the pool again next spring.

Treat Your Pool and Yourself Right

We’ve given you easy tricks to give your pool and yourself a great treat – easy, safe opening and faster enjoyment next season! But if it seems overwhelming with all you have going on this autumn, don’t hesitate to give yourself one more treat and contact Peek Pools at 615-866-8800. Get on the schedule and we will come do the necessary tasks to maintain and close your pool for the season!

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